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February 6, 2019 - Questions Posed to Community Services Commission

1. The Lower Lagoon Valley Assessment Bond was issued to pay for infrastructure such as pipes and roads within lower lagoon valley.

a. What was the initial bond issuance.

b. How have these funds been utilized – where has that money gone? As of 2016 there were two years left to pay off the advancement.

2. The property is currently for sale

a. Isn’t this meeting premature if the developer has no intent of completing the project? Unless the real purpose is to inflate the value of the land either for 1) the purpose of selling; or 2) for the purpose of overvaluing Lennar’s holdings during their merger with CalAtlantic Homes.

Is the City aware Lennar Homes is currently being investigated for securities fraud? Assisting Lennar makes the City culpable.

3. The sewer/water portion of the project was to be fully studied in a separate EIR.

a. When will that be completed for public comment? If it hasn’t been done agenda item should be postponed because it runs counter to CEQA where a developer must consider and study all potential consequences instead of preemptively mitigating.

b. Regardless, according to the original CEQA analysis of the water supply, the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan (upon which the project relies) does not adequately address the impact of the significant droughts we’ve experienced. Has that been addressed?

4. Wildfires – This portion is obsolete in light of the significant wild fires we’ve experienced in California and on the ridge line of Lagoon Valley itself.

5. Per the Phasing and Development Agreement dated April 13, 2016, pg. 11 (Section 6, A) the Developer had to meet the following deadlines:

a. July 1, 2017 for the Lift Station, Water Storage Reservoir, and Booster Pump Station – that date has passed.

b. December 1, 2018 the initial residential final map was to be recorded – that date has passed

c. This project should be dead.

d. Especially in consideration of the City of Vacaville's Residential Activity Report dated 05/22/12, the Tentative Map expired September 28, 2015 (Prior to the 2016 Agreement) – It remains our contention this 2016 agreement illegally extended an expired map.

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